Grapes Finance: Pre-launch Announcement to lock ve(3,3) NFT

Yield optimizooor for Andre Cronje ve(3,3) project. Lock NFT to become launch partner with nothing to lose.

Long story becomes short

Grapes protocol take ve(3,3) NFT, and maximize Solidly boost, lock, bribes, and yield. You work less. You make more reward. Inspired by great DeFi protocol on Ethereum, Convex, we make improved version with trustless voting on-chain. No bullshit, no hype, no suits, we keep design simple.

Project who pre-lock Andre airdrop NFT in GRAPESEED program become partner of Grapes and together can own up to 15% of protocol. Positive sum game, more Projects who lock, more ownership for everybody.

Pre-lock NFT to get easy GRP token to gib to user. Better distribution of Solidly voting power make everybody happy. Change their mind before Grape launch, projects get NFT back by returning GRP token. There is no leap of faith.
There is nothing to lose.

With GRP token, we refine ve(3,3) tokens, like grapes that become wine. Ваше здоровье!

What is Purpose

Andre Cronje is great man, has big brain, builds clever protocol. We see ve(3,3) announcement, we drop everything, we study design, we like. He make foundation for others to build on, we like. Solidly become autonomous protocol of protocols for DeFi, we like.

But managing boost, lock, bribe is complex and hard work. People prefer easy life, sit on nice boat and sip drinks. We see success Convex has with Curve. We make better Convex for Solidly on Fantom. We make simple product. On chain voting, no need to trust Grape team. We improve Solidly experience for better ease of use. We make protocols Grape owners through special GRAPESEED program. We don’t like cash grab or pulling of rug. Together we make prosperity.

Grapes Master Plan of Success

  1. Grapes make this announcement post. (Hello)
  2. We do bla bla bla with projects who will receive NFTs, answer question, make great lobbying campaign.
  3. Andre the Great pre-launch Solidly, drop NFT to projects, Solidly pool voting is turned on.
  4. Grapes launch GRAPESEED program, pre-lock is open, projects send NFT to verified smart contract. Project still can vote in Solidly after they put NFT in GRAPESEED.
  5. Grapes pre-lock closed, GRP tokens issued, projects get GRP tokens. Project can get NFT back by returning full amount of GRP tokens.
  6. Solidly SOLID emission is turned on.
  7. Grapes full protocol is launched, contracts are verified, there is grace period to refund NFTs if project has remorse. Grapes is not operational yet.
  8. Grace period is over, no more refunds possible, NFTs are merged into giant NFT, Grapes become fully operational, claiming of airdrops open, we are partners in great wagmi success. 🤝
Pre-lock in GRAPESEED to make easy no-brain move of success with nothing to lose

Airdrop to Convex and ve(3,3) community

We give 1% to vlCVX holders of great Convex protocol. You are king of boost maximizer, respect. We give up to 3% to community of ve(3,3) launch projects that participate in special GRAPESEED program. Smart people make their project join Grape family to become protocol owner.

What you can do with Grapes

Solidly will have SOLID token that can be locked into ve(3,3) system to create veSOLID inside NFT. Grapes will have Fantom native fee-earning token GRP.

Project receiving Solidly Launch Airdrop NFT can

  • Participate in special GRAPESEED program (read more below)
  • Become Grapes launch partner project and receive GRP allocation, the more projects join, the more reward
  • Have Special No Question Asked NFT Back Guarantee until Grape launch
  • Share GRP with protocol users for better experience and more liquid asset than attempt to fractionalize NFT position by themselves
  • Have their users receive special GRP airdrop

Solidly ve(3,3) liquidity provider can

  • Stake LP position to earn SOLID emission with stronger boost and extra GRP tokens
  • Deposit and withdraw with no fees, Grapes take small performance fee on boosted SOLID and distribute to SOLID and GRP stakers and lockers

SOLID staker can

  • Forever lock SOLID to receive grpSOLID. Grapes take SOLID and lock into system forever, constantly extending lock, always growing veSOLID position for stronger boosts, more voting, more fee earning like giant Siberian snowball that keeps growing
  • Stake grpSOLID and receive share of boosted SOLID from LP farming
  • Earn GRP token for every SOLID received
  • Trade grpSOLID in bribed grpSOLID/SOLID liquidity pool

GRP staker can

  • Stake GRP and withdraw at any time
  • Earn smol share of Grape fees as grpSOLID

This is option for scared mouse with middle curve brain and control obsession. 🐁

GRP locker can

  • Lock GRP token for 16 weeks, can only withdraw after
  • Vote for SOLID pool to receive emission, or delegate to other
  • Earn SOLID bribes for voting on right pools
  • Earn SOLID trading fees from pools they vote for
  • Earn big share of Grape fees as grpSOLID

This is option for Great Ape that likes rewards and token working for them. 🦍

GRAPESEED: Gib launch ve(3,3) NFT, become partner

Great man Andre Cronje say top 20 Fantom projects become ve(3,3) launch projects before Solidly emission begins. This is clever and fair way to bootstrap, but also big headache for launch project:

  • All veSOLID tokens locked for four years inside one NFT, how to distribute to their users?
  • How project handle gauge voting for their users?
  • What to do with extension of lock, what do with fees earned, how to manage this?

Grapes take care of all this for launch projects big or small, this is concept of GRAPESEED. You gib us ve(3,3) NFT, you become Grapes partner. We design this to be positive sum game: The more launch projects lock in GRAPESEED, the more owners all projects become of Grapes.

But how to trust Grapes is not skem? How will project trust they can give NFT before Grapes has launched? Not worry, Grapes is not a pull of rug, we build quality product. We give NFT back guarantee, read more.

There are three phases of GRAPESEED: Seed, Allocation, and Wen launch.

1. SEED phase

  • GRAPESEED start once Chad Andre airdrop ve(3,3) NFTs to eligible top 20 Fantom project
  • Project can pre-lock NFT into GRAPESEED verified smart contract
  • After pre-lock, project can vote on Solidly gauge with their locked NFT


  • After seed phase close, GRP token will be issued, according to percentage of total veSOLID that has become locked into GRAPESEED
Percent of total GRP supply make exponential increase when more NFT is locked
  • The more veSOLID out of total is locked into Grapes, the more allocation all projects will receive of GRP token and all become stronger partner together
  • Project can get full refund of NFT through special No Question Asked NFT Refund Guarantee if they return all GRP token. This allows project to sleep well at night because there is no risk for project if Grapes do not launch
  • Every project community that make pre-lock and do not use refund guarantee will be eligble for special ve(3,3) community airdrop directly to project token holders: 0.15% of total GRP supply per project. Convince your project to lock in GRAPESEED and join promised land

3. WEN LAUNCH phase

  • When SOLID emissions are turned on and Grapes release full verified smart contracts of protocol, grace period kicks in
  • During special grace period, this is last chance for Project to get back their NFT by returning GRP token
  • After grace period, no more refund, Grapes merge all ve(3,3) NFT into single giant NFT and Grapes become operational
  • We issue airdrops to vlCVX holders and eligible project communities who kept NFT in GRAPESEED


We keep structure simple. No reinvention of wheel.
Happy Ape = Happy Grape.

There is moving piece with GRAPESEED program: Distribution depend on how many partner we get and how much ve(3,3,) NFT is locked.

Unused GRAPESEED and ve(3,3) community airdrop tokens become equally allocated to Protocol Users & Bribes and Incentives.

Grape Token (GRP)

  • Max supply: 10 billion
  • 44–53% Protocol Users
    Issued for every SOLID farmed by Grapes (decaying as more is farmed)
  • 20–29% Protocol Bribes & Incentives
    Distributed over 4 years, incentives for GRP/FTM and grpSOLID/SOLID pools
  • 0–15% GRAPESEED Projects who pre-lock NFTs
    1/3rd released instantly, 2/3rds vesting over 1 year
  • 15% Grapes Team
    Vested over 1 year
  • 2% Bootstrap pools & Bribes
    Instantly available to seed pools and issue first bribes
  • 1% vlCVX holders
    Instantly claimable airdrop
  • 0–3% ve(3,3) community
    Instantly claimable airdrop to project communities who pre-lock in GRAPESEED, 0.15% per project
If ALL 20 projects lock NFT in GRAPESEED
If NO project lock NFT in GRAPESEED

Protocol Fees

We take performance fee on boosted SOLID earned on Grapes, we redistribute to protocol users. 17% fee total:

  • 10% to grpSOLID stakers, as SOLID
  • 3% to GRP stakers & lockers, as grpSOLID
  • 3% to GRP lockers only, as grpSOLID
  • 1% to harvester, as SOLID

More information coming soon. Meanwhile, help your project become successful by convincing to gib Grapes all ve(3,3). Ok goodbye

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